Monday, May 3, 2010

May 2, 2010

So today the Lawsons are coming over and i have a ton of hw to do :/ blah. so maybe i should stop writin this haha and get to work...O_O bye i"ll finish this later...

Monday, April 26, 2010


OK so lately I've been doing co-op which is classes i take with other homeschoolers. the classes I'm taking are the following: Write-shop, Literature, and Science. im enjoying my-self and i hope we go back next year. over the course of the year iv'e gotten a NEW CELLPHONE (lets just say its my lifeline) haha and we got a Wii over Christmas :) this year has been a great one and i hope it continues this way... i can't wait for the pool parties we we'll be having this summer :) and my mama (my grandma) will be having surgery this week on her leg and please pray 4 a safe recovery for her and an easy one. In May we will going to Walt Disney World :D for vacation... and we might get to visit the Littletons, some old friends of ours ( i hope i spelled their last name right) and for now I have to get back to school hehe Bye

Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve

All I Want 2 Say Is Happy New Years!!!! Can't wait till' 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Birthday

11 Days Ago Was My Birthday!! I Got Converse, Pants, And A Lot Of Voice Mails (Thanks To Anna,Hannah,And Emily!!) It Was So Much Fun...Oh And I Went To See Fame ( it was good but it had a lot of language :( ) sooo Much Fun.

Hi Again

Sorry I Haven't Posted In A While!! I've Forgotten About Blogging Plus I Haven't Had Anything To Blog About.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Mom

Do you know what the best thing about being a daughter is,Having a Mother who is so SWEET,LOVING,KIND.....

Like this morning my Mother let me stay in my PJ'S for school.
She does sooo much for me....

When I do my Math she is very understanding (somtimes I just don't get what she's just explained)

My mom is the best mom in the world.... I know I know all kid's say THIER mom is the BEST. But my mom is truley the BEST. She cooks for me, She does laundrey for me, She gives me Hugs and Kiss', And Best of all, she Cares for me and tucks me in my bed.!!!

There's sooooo much, I can't write them all down.

Thank You Mom For All That You Have Done.

I Love You!!!!! : D


P.S. Wish I could write more my brain can't Comprehend all I want to say to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *

Sunday, November 23, 2008

We as the Christians.

Tonight, we had a bomfire!

It was really fun! Josh my dad and I, Roasted Hot dogs and Marshmello's.
(There's nothing better than Sizzling Hot dogs and Golden Brown Smore's Cooked by the fire.

Anyway after the fire had been going for a while, before we went inside (in about half an hour) my dad wanted to Stirr up the fire so nothing would happen when we went inside.

But when he stirred it up an ember fell out of the pile (I should say) it was red and had flames on it, but my Daddy said,' You see that ember?' I said,'Yeah.' and he said, 'Well it's soon going to die down and be cold,like when we are Christians, that's somtimes how we are. When we think we don't need to go to Church cause' we already have Jesus. But pretty soon were going to die down and get cold like that ember. So while the embers all piled up on each other stay hot and red, But the other ember far from the pile get's cold and goes away from Jesus.

Don't be that ember....... be with the Church.

Thanks to my DAD.